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For nearly two millennia Christians have venerated the site believed to be where Jesus was buried. Emperor Hadrian in CE slots money rain mod his Capitoline temple there, and a shrine to Aphrodite was built adjacent to it.

Constantine, the first emperor to embrace Christianity in the 4th c. CEdecided to build a church there to commemorate the Resurrection. No other site in all Christendom has been more venerated and more often authenticated than the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The major discovery in the new tomb is an inscription and image on an ossuary. The only image of the ossuary drawing published. Slots money rain mod book is truly much ado about nothing and is a sensationalist presentation of data that are familiar to anyone with knowledge of first-century Jerusalem.

In fact, the image in the book is so poorly reproduced in my copy that one suspects it has been intentionally altered so that no one could see what the the image really is. Indeed, the image actually seems to resemble a nephesh, or tomb monument, like those found in many places in Jerusalem in the first century CE and depicted on ossuaries of this very period so for example in fig.

A nephesh is the above-ground monument of a tomb that marks the tomb below and the one s buried there. Also it would not be surprising that a Jewish burial of the first century CE, even in an ossuary that was a secondary burial, might be related to a belief in resurrection.

This belief was central to Judaism at the time according to first-century literary sources, and it was please click for source held by early Christians. But a belief in resurrection is not so much the question here as is the issue of the names on the slots money rain mod in the two-named tombs, which the authors identify with the family of Jesus.

Remarkably they claim that the names included the child and spouse of Jesus, a claim that can hardly be supported by the material data from the tombs. Do the authors give any evidence that this alleged fish is placed in fact in this way as is in the picture, i. I saw the first oversion of this grand eagle online casino this morning and found it highly confusing—your reivsied version clears up several questions I had.

What could the evidence for this possibly be? Get a sex life! I want to thank my friend and colleague Eric for this brief review. I have presented my preliminary analysis in an article posted at http: I look forward to responsible feedback from colleagues.

To characterize this substantial work as "much ado about nothing" is I think unfortunate, but I will leave it slots money rain mod other readers to examine the article and judge. First, the argument that since the Church of the Holy Sepulcher was the historical tomb of Jesus therefore another tomb in Jerusalem could not conceivably belong to him and his family. This simply is illogical. Unless one believes Jesus body was taken to heaven, which historians do not entertain, since the tomb at the traditional spot is "empty," one would have to assume the body was moved and reburied—whether at Talpiot or elsewhere.

This is an idea that Amos Kloner has suggested and I find convincing see reference in my article. In other words, the gospels report, especially John 19, that Joseph of Arimathea who had charge of the burial put Jesus body in a temporary place that happened to be near the place of crucifixion.

It was an emergency burial due to the Passover holiday slots money rain mod away. There is this web page indication in Mark, Luke, or John that that tomb, just near the execution spot, just happened to be his own.

Whether the Talpiot tomb has enough supporting evidence can be debated. Second, I can not see any possible resemblance to a nephesh or funerary monument in the iconographic image we have found. Eric and I discussed this when we first met and went over this evidence. Also, there are the little fish, the diving fish on the side, and since the "ball" which I take to be the "head" of the figure, is pointed down, this slots money rain mod would be upside down—which surely makes no sense.

I would not even dare slots money rain mod cover in a blog slots money rain mod the entire subject of the Talpiot "Jesus" tomb slots money rain mod I did try to responsibly summarize the evidence as I see it in the new slots money rain mod, The Jesus Discovery.

I think those who read it might find it is well argued and certainly presents a plausible case. I think slots money rain mod 2nd tomb, on the same ancient estate, further reenforces the argument.

Finally, I have been rather surprised that my colleagues, link I respect very highly, have apparently not kept up with even the most basic research on the Talpiot Jesus tomb—see the list of posts just on Bible Interpretation—not by me but by others.

All the standard things one constantly hears "the names are common," etc. As a Torah Jew, who has studied the Hebrew and koine Greek sources for 50 years, allow me to point something out to him a few factualities. Why this would be considered a dead-lock for a Christian symbol escapes me.

So even if it were a fish what would it prove? Tabor plays coy with actual belief in the resurrection in his comment above. To me, 1 Corinthians No other theological stream. Witnesses still alive, which were then interviewed for the writing of the Gospels.

Tabor may rule this out as a possibility due to his presuppositions, but that in no way points to his research as being valid enough to overturn traditional views. And a Jesus who just happens to fit with how he wants to reinterpret the faith for post-moderns. Research way too thin, TV ratings a clear motive. If we are to follow the New Testament testimony, he was estranged from his family at the very early age of 12 and there is little reason to assume his family would have had much say in the matter, even if they were still alive.

The logical conclusion is that his disciples would have taken charge of the body and enterred him in a place he had close connections to. Where that might be is also fairly obvious.

A wealth of recent research slots money rain mod that the gospel stories borrowed heavily from the sectarian texts from Qumran.

All the evidence points to Jesus as having, at one time in his life, been a member of that Community. The New Testament, amongst many other pointers, confirms this possibility in Luke For anyone who bothers to access the information the data is overwhelming and in a different league to the highly presumptive Talpiot conjectures.

One piece of the jigsaw should help encourage a serious examination of this claim. I am asking but if there is any answer please let me know.

People who are SO quick to judge something false before patient and unbiased examination of all the FACTS slots money rain mod seem to have a slots money rain mod hidden Agenda than selling a book or marketing a documentary. The "fishy" image appears to be an Ethiopian dining basket called a Mesob.

An ancient, travelling, device to store and carry food that is still widely popular in Ethiopian culture today. The New Talpiot Tomb: Eric Meyers, most of the worlds historical and contemporary philosophers and playtech deposit no bonus online casino would state that truth is more important than temporal tradition.

Who first slots money rain mod it? The trickery, false preaching methods slithery christian writers will go through to continue ridiculous bronze age myths proves itself that their religion is false, as they are supposed to be the examples of honesty… yet just look at how they act!

These writers, Tabor and Simcha could care less about doing research in a slots money rain mod manner, they could care less about honesty. Their goal is to slots money rain mod the masses of unsuspecting…. I am greatly disappointed in that you do not admit to any of the uncanny evidence found supporting the Tomb of Talpiot. What are so afraid of?

The lies told to convince the public in your favor are a gross misuse of power- which has turned millions away from The Church.

It is an injustice to God and to Jesus that the lies continue to be told. Further, it is the lies that keep us from peace, from God. Meyers, Duke University For nearly two millennia Christians have venerated the site slots money rain mod to be where Jesus was buried. Jim February 28, Reply. Tomek February 28, Reply. Helena February 28, Reply. Tabor February 28, Reply.

Tim Stidham February 28, Reply. Richard Bauckham February bedste danske online casino, Reply. The image looks more like an amphora than a nephesh to me. Note the handles on either side. Robert Feather February 29, Wird online gambling regulation act Sammelbienen. Theo Slots money rain mod 29, Reply. Tracey Lee Skaar March 1, Reply.

Matt Sutherland March 2, Reply. Tim Noonan March 6, Reply. Susan Burns April 13, Reply. F Wesley May 7, Reply. Leave a Casino uniforms cancel. Join over 14, of your peers! Become a Friend of ASOR for free, and receive our monthly e-newsletter click access to exclusive content and resources!

If you have forgotten your password, please click the Forgot Login Password option in the above menu.

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