A vote by US lawmakers has given PartyGaming and other online bookies cause to hope that America's four-year ban on internet betting could soon be lifted. Online gambling banned in us Congress Is Rethinking Its Ban on Internet Gambling - The New York Times

Bet comes good as US moves to end ban on online gambling | Business | The Guardian Online gambling banned in us

Welcome to WebmasterWorld Guest from Republican Senators attached the ban amendment to a bill on port security, ensuring that it would pass. The measure attempts to stop the money flow, by making it illegal for banks to process online gambling transactions. Banks protested that they have no way of knowing whether transactions are gambling-related or not.

Gambling affiliates are freaking out, as you might suspect. Feb 25, posts: I should clarify the title of my post. That may have already been illegal "may" because the law is vague and depends on interpretation. What they did now was to make it illegal for banks to process the transactions.

What could change now is that operators stop taking bets from U. Mar 2, posts: I can see no possible way to ensure the game is straight. June 15, posts: If gaming online gambling banned in us a bad thing and this bill is justified by claims that it will deter bad behavior or bad rigged gaming outcomes, then this bill is a sham, as the very best this law will achieve will be to send people to the nearest "official" racetrack, slot machine parlor, casino, etc gambling establishment, where people will lose their money as certainly as had they bet the same money magic money slots. Just like online gaming our government approved gaming halls are not built upon the economic premise of people winning.

Losers make gambling, as a viable business model, work. We are a nation of moral illusionists. Your losses will fund education and healthcare. You know, those government entreprises that you all so hate to underwrite through taxes. Aug 16, posts: You walk into a online gambling banned in us and buy chips and use them in gaming. On line you deposit money to your account, buy chips and use them in gaming.

I am a poker player and enjoy it as a hobby immensely. I would be really disappointed to see that avenue closed. Oct 26, posts: The online Gambling sites and their money will simply move to China or another country with more freedom than the US. There are some genuinely harmful things they could ban instead! May 12, posts: We have a winner! Morality is nothing more than a smokescreen for the real reason government controls gambling. It is about controlling the flow of money and making sure government gets their piece of the action.

May 19, posts: How ever the UK encourages online gambling banned in us gaming and I think its going to be an interesting few years on that front, afterall the UK more often than not follows the USA in major areas of national policy. I dont see anything like that happening here, one of teh largest peer to peer betting sites or http://dzis.info/online-roulette-always-win.php one of the founders gives large sums to the Conservative party, they may be a lot of things but they know where their bread this web page from and they like the taste.

Feb 17, posts: Nothing was banned, period. As it has been the banks choice for years now to avoid direct transactions beteewn themselves and the casinos - nothing changes. The title of this thread is very misleading, and I am sure that the Rep. PR machine will make sure that this attachment to the port bill would be blown out of proportion by every news outlet Nov 22, posts: You just proved your own arguement wrong: By passing this legislation they ensure Americans gamble under their terms which means they reap the taxes generated in local casinos instead of sending the money overseas since most of the casinos are internationally based.

Personally this makes me very happy. I think gambling is simply another form of taxation of the poor, including lotto. Just thinking of the reduction in spam online gambling banned in us by this makes me happy. Apr 9, posts: But I do find it astonishing that the US government is so bothered about online gambling. What I find really strange and quite disturbing is that US citizens can freely online casino mindesteinzahlung guns and ammo in Walmart, but they have to break the law to play poker online!

Regards, Tim oneguy Msg: Mar 12, posts: There are always winners and losers. Respecting other people and their property can only be link in so many ways. Oct 18, posts: It only adds one step of online gambling banned in us a bank zero deposit finance deals at a bank outside of the USA - big deal!?

Nov 24, posts: It will be a signficant hurdle that would stop the vast majority of U. Sounds like a business opportunity to me! Nov 12, posts: I online gambling banned in us see much that will change unless the banks and govt. Sept 28, posts: Think of the tax revenue Washington Spendocrats are missing out on by having all those dollars flow overseas rather than our own coffers.

Many online poker players me included use such payment systems. Some poker sites charge for using this web page cards, which is why many people currently use these systems. The simple fact is, thousands of Americans like to play poker. Do you seriously think poker players will stop because of this legislation? It might put a few people off, but not the majority.

Oct 25, posts: The company is thought to be preparing to issue a statement to the London Stock Exchange acknowledging that congressional approval of click U.

Congress passed legislation to end Internet gaming there, threatening jobs and wiping 3. Online gaming in crisis over U. Of course, some people will find a way online gambling banned in us it and some will online gambling banned in us affronted at having their civil liberties curtailed, but on balance, this has to der casinos net mit a good thing.

Not everyone will agree with you. This message thread spans 4 pages: This online gambling banned in us requires javascript to function properly. It seems that your browser does not have Javascript enabled.

Feb 12, posts: Online gambling banned in us approves Internet gambling ban [today. I have long thought that online gambling was a really bad idea and have no sympathy for the victims of this bill.

Uk is the land of personal freedom, I hope. June 2, posts: In a nation where State and local governments are increasingly addicted to gaming revenue as their new "tax base" I see no moral online gambling banned in us ground in this legislation. Webwork, you took the words right out of my mouth. This is an extremely hypocritical city ipad. Feb 21, posts: If this goes through, which freedoms are next?

Whilst I am not particularly interested in online gambling, it should be my choice to spend my money in such a harmless way. Hmm thats very true. Next the government will be working on a new top domain name. May 16, posts: I am an amatuer poker player and online gambling banned in us a website about poker. However, I am not particulatly concerned about my affiliation with the online poker rooms.

By passing this legislation they ensure Americans gamble under their terms Yeah We all know that some people get into trouble with credit. Why not stop all this nonsense and just make online gambling legal in the US? If anything, this should be legislated by the states similar to lotteries and casinos rather than the federal government. Looks like a good bill. As far as I know there is no oversight on mandatory payout ratios online gambling banned in us online casinos like there are for physical casinos at least in Nevada.

May 9, posts: Internet gambling firm Holdings Plc online gambling banned in us expected to freeze indefinitely business from U.

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For previous news please visit our United States gambling news section. For other promotions please visit our Online Gambling Promotions section. The states are free to either regulate or completely prohibit gambling on their territories. A small number of states and sovereign tribal lands therefore permit casino style gambling in designated areas. As it stands online gambling banned in us, a significant portion of the American populace must take extensive trips if they wish to play the slots or wager their money on table games The most widely available game in the US is the lottery.

There are only two states, Hawaii and Utah, which allow neither casino gambling nor a lottery. Online Gambling in United States Many online casinos and poker rooms offered their services to Americans in the early days of the industry, but their activities have since been shut down. While there are casino no deposit netent 2015 bonus specific laws banning online gambling, The Federal Wire Act of online gambling banned in us been systematically interpreted and used in courts to disallow internet wagers.

After the bill passed, however, three major poker sites — PokerStarsFull Tilt Online gambling banned in usand Absolute Poker — continued to offer their services, expecting that the law did not affect them. So inthe US government initiated legal proceedings against the three, resulting in the outright banning of all online gambling. American institutions continued to ruthlessly enforce this law until a new law was passed inallowing individual states to license online and mobile casinossportsbooks and poker sites within their borders.

While you would expect a rush of states to take the federal government up on that offer, in fact only 3 states have: Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. Nevada was first, but only offered poker and sportsbooks, while Delaware went live at the start of Novemberand New Jersey at the end, both offering a full range of gambling options. The US continues to block foreign based websitesand does not allow interstate gambling, with individual states employing geo-location read article to ensure these laws are adhered to.

As such, your options for online gambling in the US are severely restricted. Sites that accept players from United States. EUR English 4. Best American Gambling Site Bovada. Exclusive for our players! Da Vincis Gold Casino. Win A Day Casino. This Is Vegas Casino. Bingo Spirit Bingo Sky.

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GameAccount Network CEO on US online gambling drive

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