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Wonkie is certain that since South African president Jacob Zuma launchedhis Zuma hotline numberthe number has been inundated with calls. Online casino paypal south africa by the number of protests recently about service delivery or rather its non-delivery, by government it would be interesting to see the statistics of the queries processed and resolved through the hotline.

What the government in South Africa seems to lack is ironically enough exactly what customers expect from business services such as Mr Delivery — solid service level agreements that someone can be held accountable to. Sadly these measures and those accountable for them either seem not to exist or are well hidden in the state bureaucracy. The strategy of denial that problems exist, or acknowledging them and then doing practically nothing significant about them seems to be see more only definite policy in place in government for the moment — particularly to address major public concerns such as service delivery, HIV, job creation and crime in South Africa.

It is also no surprise that there is serious violence accompanying some of the recent protests in townships near Balfour and Brits where the problem is significantly more serious. There are certainly problems in the country and if the government wants to address them, they need to approach solving them in a structured manner. Applying the logic a management consultant please click for source use when online casino paypal south africa issues arise in business, government here needs to do the following — and urgently so:.

Identify the issues and quantify them in measurable terms as best possible. The state then needs to work jointly with the community to put in place agreed, reasonable targets to resolve the issues in definitive time-frames. It is unreasonable for residents to expect these issues to be resolved overnight and it is equally unreasonable of government not to commit to what will be done and by when.

Communicate the targets to all the stakeholders concerned war bet365 money New i. Knowing when things are expected to happen with clarity will certainly help diffuse the tension and allow officials to focus on delivery.

Execute and actually deliver against the online casino paypal south africa plan obviously, but worth stating explicitly just in case. Finally, President Zuma needs to act on his threat to remove non-performers based on the delivery against the agreed targets. These are seemingly simple steps and hopefully The Presidency has a plan in place along similar lines.

If not yet, Wonkie is happy to offer its strategy consulting services to help get things going. How many protests down here in Cape Town? As I see it the Govt and its agents are made up of political appointees who actually dont have a clue about what they are doing.

All decisions are by a collective which results in nobody actually haveing to carry the can for poor delivery. Govt is a master of political vote gathering promises but does not know how to delivery. They have two choices — service delivery or over the top salaries, luxury cars and no responsibility.

Guess which I would take. Certainly not by mr. Zuma and his cabinet! Not only services,what about crime and the daily murdering of farmers? As long as we have half educated fraudsters in charge we will never get anywhere These blacks want all for nought- free education — free accomoation — now free transport. Just now it will be free ijuba, free food and free willy. Voters are to blame for this mess, that is what the masses asked for and that is what they got.

Confirms the theory Quality outsmarts quantity masses are mostly wrong. We are now educating preschool little ones that a good moral social responsability can be fun and is of vital importance to ensure a secure and happy nation. Pleas support us in this tremendous task as our children are our most important asset.

Lets ensure that they are kept drug and reputable online casino free. Protect all children in your social environmentNeed help I will forward a contact number. There is at least an avarage one service un-delivery violent protest per month across the Country. The overall infrastructure is disgusting and residents here never complain or protest.

This small and remote township is one of the oldest and yet nothing is happening there. Yet there is over lisenced tarvens and shebeens. The delivery of service,although limited by finances,was perfectly online casino paypal south africa order,prior to The profiles were in place and the knowledge of how to fulfill the mandates. Had the idiots in power had the balls to carry through the original intent of the ANC,this delovery issue would have been improved,BUT,of course,the fools knew better and having meetings at international hotels,overseas consultants,no concern for any man in the street except the higher echelons of the cadres and of course family.

Naturally the theft of the never ending resouces has never been considered as theft and so the power of ignorance,greed,indifference and downright stupidity of the online casino paypal south africa keeps them in their poverty and misery.

Cerrtainly,all the methodology is in place with minor adjustments to suit each case,is already statuted and available. As long as nepotism is the major condition to granting tenderprenuers with the tools to rob the state,thus the public,service delivery will remain a myth of epic proportion nad the middle classes cannot simply carry on paying into this black hole. However,as with the independence of the judicial system,now,maybe a more sensible option is to sit back,light up a dubie,and laugh because,tears as an option,are just playing into the self satisfied,smugness of our disgusting,dishonest,and evilly incompatible leaders.

Do people pay for service delivery? In our complex we have not had service from Pikitup sinceyet they charge our owners each month. A representative from Pikitup came to online casino paypal south africa Body Corporate meeting and told us that we have to pay even though we do not receive a service. He said that the rich cross-subsidise the online casino paypal south africa. In our building the owners, mainly pensioners and widows, were very chuffed to hear that they were considered to be rich.

Now the question is, are these people the ones who are being subsidised, and, in fact, are not paying for services which they online casino paypal south africa striking for? I mean, regardless of what people are not getting? This tends to compromise the sympathy one should be online casino paypal south africa. It is not the President or Jacob Zuma who should be doing continue reading delivery but the work of you and me.

Let us take the words of wisdom from Politicians. The rest of the work is ours. This online casino paypal south africa control of corruption which we observe whilst engaged on our own Idependance. I heard a joke somewhere. I wondered why until one day the adjoining farmer came to borrow my bull.

There has never been a better online casino paypal south africa than what Wonkie online casino paypal south africa provided. The problem is not because there is no such inputs but like Chris said everything was planned well and then came the hungry stupid representatives. Yes the ANC is people, but not everyone serves it to the best interest of the party, this makes the few loyal to give up hope of loyalty and join corruption.

JZ must stap his feet and start implementing Wonkie strategies, going to England can just bring more money for the crooks in the government. Let us face it, corruption has been there from since Jan Van Riebeeck, but the whites were careful how they do things and when they award favoured tenders the services are delivered without any doubt and very satisfactory. Wonkie keep the movement, recruit me when the government appoints you.

Thumbs up this is nation building not all the critic words without solutions …. You are doing a pretty good job by rendering yourselves available in helping the government of the day to actually get to its senses and know that it exists for the people, and by the people. Its about time now that the African governments pull up their socks and deliver than dwell on their olden style of being forcused on enriching themselves at the expense of voters, and thereby forgetting their vows to the public during their campaigning which actually led to them winning the electins.

That is cheating and must not be condoned in anyway. I dont know how it free video slot games and looks on the ground, but i want to believe its just the same as in my country because though we are elder than you in as far as gaining independence is concerned, we are role modelled from there as even our food online casino paypal south africa still from RSA there.

Can you imagine, after over 42years, we are still talking of self sufficiency on food security and most basic issues are not in place. My government therefore, also needs to be prodded and your provided guide could be very much ideal.

They had over 40 years to think out what they will do after apartheid. First a cooling off ubuntu period, then more info for blacks in white business. Then milk the public for extra rates, online casino paypal south africa electricity. Online casino paypal south africa add a little reduction in tax to gain a little trust. Yes, there will be protests — they expected this.

The objective was to bleed the boer until the protests get too violent. By the time a new political party is born, they all retire in luxury. But I wonder if anyone with intelligence and an open mind in goverment ever reads you? This country should be run by technocrats. Trouble is, most of them do not have any insight into what it takes to run a sophisticated country. Look what we got for a president who only has grade 4!

An click the following article to all of us. I vote Wonkie for President. Tshediso, please explain how you connect service delivery protests to the apartheid regime? If only the ANC had learned from the apartheid regime, who were experienced online casino paypal south africa administration and delivery, the country would not be as filthy and run down as it is now.

Houses built in the townships 40 years ago are still standing while ANC houses are not fit for online casino paypal south africa habitation. Come on, open your online casino paypal south africa But there are none so blind as online casino paypal south africa who will online casino paypal south africa see.

The government must be accountable for its people. Tshedisowhy do you and every other 2nd previously disadvantaged person still blame the apartheid regime?? We finally got rid of it, and everyone has freedom, but dont seem to understand that with it comes work. One does not need to be a rocket scientist online casino paypal south africa realise that if all the skilled white people are chased and they are replaced with inexperienced people with unsuitable qualifications other than being black the infrastructure will crumble.

To Fritsa- The man for what???????? Please catch a wake upreal money roulette apps its too late for all of us!! Where are all the ANC spokespeople that used to FLOOD this site with their senseless, useless banter before Zuma came into online casino paypal south africa in fact, when he still had those charges hanging over him and, by failing to go to court, they still hang over him?

The likes of vilakazi khaphata and Tshediso should just do the delivery for Zuma and his nincompoops. Are you two being serviced as well?

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Service delivery in many South African cities is sorely lacking demonstrated by violent protests. A structured approach to solve the problem is needed- and soon.
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